Project Description

GC, GP, RW Clarick’s Nip in the Bud of Permarex

Being judged by Becky Orlando
San Jose, California

Permarex Miley Cyrus Kitten

Portland, Oregon Show

GP, REX-N-FX Zotos Permanent Wave of Permarex

At Home being interviewed by USA TODAY

2013-2014 Regional Awards

Portland, Oregon

2005-2006 Recipient of the National Keinzel Award

For GC, RW, BW Permarex Amaretto Swirl
Breed Winner

CH. Permarex Chaka Kahn

With Judge John Webster

Regional Awards Shared with Best Friends

Bobbi Irie (Jobara) & Anita Henrikson (Permarex)
Portland, Oregon 2013-2014

Cattery of Distinction Award

2nd Best Kitten Award

23rd Best Kitten National

2016-2017 Show Season
Don & Anita Henrikson, Bobbi Irie & Jade Kleider
Team – Jobara-Permarex
Chicago, Illinois

Don Henrikson at the CFA International Show

Portland, Oregon

Permarex Gidget Goes Surfing

1st Kitten Show
With Judge Darrell Newkirk
CFA International Show
Portland, Oregon

Best Friends!

Forever Friends

Nancy Schumacher of Rexcellent cattery (retired)

Bestie Friends

Jade Kleider (Jobara) and Anita Henrikson (Permarex)

GC, Permarex La Dame Blanche

GC, Permarex La Dame Blanche
Kitten show – Santa Rosa, California
Judge: Donna Fuller

Best Kitten!

With Judge Ellyn Honey

Another Regional Awards Event

Portland, Oregon
2017-2018 Show Season

La Dame had a great show!

CFA Judge Vicki Nye presenting her Best Cat!

GC, PERMAREX La Dame Blanche

LOL Bobbi Photo Bomb!

Anita and La Dame

And Girls just wanna have fun!

Dolly Chalmness (Curly Dolls cattery), Jade Kleider (Jobara cattery), and Anita Henrikson (Permarex cattery)
Utah Cat Show 2018